Flood Module System Vehicle

Chassis 6 wheels (4x2) Minimum 170 HP engine GVW. not less than 10 Tons.
Superstructure Made of Glass fiber Reinforced Polyester (GRP)
Crane system  Lifting capacity not less than 700 kg. at minimum 3.20 m. distance and lifting capacity not less than 300 kg. at minimum 7 m. distance. 
Flood Module system

Consists of:

1. Flood pumps with total pumping capacity not less than 50,000 LPM.
2. Hydraulic hose connection coupling with automatic valve to control the flow rate.
3. minimum 320 bar working pressure hydraulic hose (10 m. length) and minimum 280 bar working pressure hydraulic hose (10 m. length).
4. Large diameter delivery hose that withstands the resistance force at 5,000 N. (minimum) . Minimum 12” (300 mm.) in size and minimum 150 m. in length.

Equipment Portable flood pump.
Foldable rescue boat.
Emergency lighting equipment.
Other accessories.